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    In the quest to find a single charger for travel with laptop, BB and Playbook I bought the Kensington AbsolutePower charger through Amazon.

    Despite the marketing claim that it will charge Blackberry and Playbook - it will not !! No matter what i do the USB ports will not charge either a 9900 or a Playbook. It is not a function of there not being enough amperage output - there is no sign of any charge on either device.

    All manner of other devices will charge off the unit but nothing with a Blackberry logo on it. There seems to be something unusual about the BB application of USB.

    Kensington product support is unresponsive so beware.

    In a previous attempt I bought the Innergie Slim 95. Again despite the website initially claiming Playbook compatibility, it would not charge a Playbook despite it putting out 2.1A (and working find on an iPad). The day after I queried this with Innergie, they changed the website.

    Targus claim there is a proprietary USB use in the Playbook (they make a dongle which i can't seem to find for sale anywhere) but this is the first time I have not been able to charge a 9900.

    Does anyone have any other ideas for a Universal Charger ??

    02-16-12 05:45 AM
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    Have you tried Griffin or Belkin?
    03-27-12 01:38 AM
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    Still trying to figure out what you are talking about OP. I have no idea what an absolute power looks like but here is my guess.

    So there is a usb port on the charger and you plug your phone into it with a usb/micro-usb cable? And it doesnt charge? I dont think there's anything proprietary about it the BB' and PB's. I am able to charge my BB and Playbook with everything from my old droid 2 wall charger to my generic Verizon car charger - no issues.

    Little more info would help.
    03-28-12 06:49 AM
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    There is indeed something unusual about use of USB by BBs, at least those I use in the Far East. I have plugged several generations of BB smartphones (eg, 9700, 9900) to a work PC via typical USB cables, and none of them charged until I asked IT at work to install certain driver at my PC. Also used a Capdase universal car charger outputting up to 2.1v, still no joy.

    There is something special about BB, and in this instance not very user-friendly.

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    04-12-12 01:04 AM
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    Sorry I didn't get back to this post for quite a while.

    I have been able to charge the PB from standard MicroUSB chargers (some faster than others due to power output) but have yet to find a "universal charger" that can do so. By Universal Charger I mean one that can do laptop, phone etc - multiple devices. I have tried several Innergie ones, Targus and now Kensington. They will all do iPads and anything on a MicroUSB - XPT the Playbook. They all have enough juice to charge a PB but the PB simply doesn't recognise that its there.

    Innergie state that their chargers don;t do PB (they did once suggest they did but the website strangly changed just after I sent them a question), similarly Kensington also used to state that it would do the PB but now I look again the statement seems to have disappeared. When I complained they sent me anotehr one free of charge - now I have 2 that don't work. The odd thing about the Kensington Abolute Power charger is that one of the ports wouldn't even charge a standard 9900 - first time I have seen that.

    Does anyone have any suggesttions for a universal multi-device charger ? I travel with3-4 devices including phobe, PB, hotspot, headset and laptop and hate having to juggle chargers or carry multiple ones.

    08-30-12 09:32 PM