03-18-10 09:06 PM
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    In SHORT, the Jupiter Jack does not APPEAR to work with the Blackberry Bold 9000. I say this after logging about 4 hours (literally) on the phone and searching the web for threads on this subject. I have to say, LOTS of questions however very few definitive answers.

    LONG STORY....

    Got my jupiter jack unpackaged, followed the instructions...didn't work (did not function, the phone would not recognize the device). Please note, I am a Blackberry Bold 9000 end user. It notes in the included instructions (Q & A page 10 to be precise) "with certain Blackberry models the menu feature must be used to activate the headset." Which, by the way, doesn't make too much sense because the default setting activates the headset....but I entertained the suggestion and navigated through the menus to determine that my headset was "active." OK, we may have a problem...

    Decided to call Jupiter Jack customer service (three different times asking the same questions), which is essentially the equivalent of speaking to a salesperson that claims to also be customer service/technical support. Well, Magic Jack "technical support" will read you the same instructions from the same manueal you were sent in the original package. I asked repeatedley, but patiently, "Are you absolutely certain that the jupiter jack WILL WORK, specifically with the BB Bold 9000?" Answer everytime: "Yes, you just need to activate your headset in the phone..." Uhhhh....apparently not the case.

    Then I spoke with AT&T customer service (who provides the service for my blackberry), who then quickly dodged the question and referred me to RIM Blackberry support......NICE, RIM (Blackberry) only wants my credit card to charge me a flat fee of $49 to provide me with a solution, without providing a "guarantee of resolution." As soon as I heard that, I, as a customer who spent $400.00 on a cell phone, am completely repulsed by even the suggestion of paying for customer support...NOT going to happen.

    So I call AT&T Technical Support back after giving up on the uninformative email threads asking the questions but providing no answers, after giving up on Magic Jack's "technical support, after being repulsed by RIM support enough to post my Blackberry Bold on Craig's list for $200 OBO (which I just did, I swear!!!) ......I asked if it takes you a week JUST to tell me, yes or no, will the jack work with the BB Bold or not????....then I would be satisfied. I recieved a call/vm not long after from Kim from AT&T Tech Support, indicating that she had found a thread on the crackberry forum and from reading she found a thread that suggested that it "may not work" and that she would keep her eye on the thread. I did try to explain in my conversation with Kim previously that I had done all the web research, but I had already read that very post and was just looking to confirm it. I chuckled when I heard the message because I had already done this legwork and even indicated that. I also chuckled when Kim had misunderstood the post from a disatisfied customer indicating that he had returned the jupiter jack for a "water jet," which the guy was really just joking about. Kim, if you're reading this, (smile), I'm just poking fun...the water jet is not an equivalent or comparable product to Jupiter Jack, the guy was just being sarcastic! And, unfortunately, a reply to a thread off a crackberry forum that is almost six months old doesn't provide for a very credible answer to a technical question......

    Anywho, I have read that "the jupiter jack will not work with ANY BB" on these countless threads, and I am beginning to believe that. HOWEVER, when you call Jupiter Jack, the answer is a resounding "absolutely, you just need to use jack #2 and activate the headset." In fact, they claim that the device will work with "any" cell phone. Rest assured, I pledge to confirm and post the DEFINITIVE ANSWER to this question once verified, if nothing else to save others the time and frustration on this subject.

    Seriously, this should be a straight forward question to answer, being that Jupiter Jack has only sold 100+ million of these units now AND advertises with ridiculous frequency....which is why it also cracks me up that NOBODY that I spoke to from AT&T OR Blackberry/RIM had ever even HEARD of the Jupiter Jack......(I know I may watch too much tv, but enough said....)
    12-21-09 07:52 PM
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    [QUOTE=Gkins3;2453141]Has anyone tried the Jupiter Jack? I am hooked on the new Discovery show Pitchmen and that was one of their episodes this week.

    It ABSOLUTELY will not work with the iPhone OR any Blackberry Bold (and I suspect ANY blackberry). Funny that in the commercial, they are using a Blackberry Curve. Disgusted that the manufacturer is adamant that it DOES work, it was a huge waste of my time for a piece of junk that doesn't own up to what it promises.

    Check out my first post below.
    12-29-09 02:32 PM
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    Won't work from what I gather. You have any luck?
    12-29-09 02:34 PM
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    My family has 3 Jupiter Jack's and yes, they do work. We all have Blackberry Curve 8330's and the only adapter that works is the one that has the headphone jack. The phone must be close to the radio however in order to work. But they do work!
    03-18-10 09:06 PM
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