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    Has anyone tried the Jaybird JB-200? (Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Stereo Headset Headphones : Wireless iPod Nano Touch Headphones : Wireless Computer Headphones : Mp3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones : Jaybirdgear.com) I just found out about them and I'm all the sudden in love. I like that you can buy it with an adapter for iPod (my iPod Nano 1st gen is just old...but still functioning!) and Blackberry and iPod at the same time (I don't really use my Curve for listening to music except for when my iPod dies). It's nice that it can pair with my PC too for Skype calls since I'll be moving accross the country in May and we'll be VOIPing it up.

    I'm thinking of asking my BF for this for Christmas since the one I want comes in under our gift cap of 200$...but he's always leary of buying things online so I don't want to ask for it only to have to return it if it's crap.

    So anyone tried them? Are they comfy, controls easy, adjustable to head size, don't fall off when you move? I'd be using them for my daily commute and my workout- I don't run but I DO alpine ski pretty hardcore in the winter and would love it if these fit under my hat and stayed in place so I could have them on low for background noise!
    11-24-08 12:22 PM