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    Hi Crackberry land!

    I just ordered one of those laser cut, pseudo sticky screen protectors that you just lay on the screen.

    Anyway, while trying to get it on "perfectly" I managed to stick my fraking finger right on the silicone covered sticky side.

    I promptly tried to WIPE IT (don't ask... I panicked) needless to say, I covered it in lint...

    so, I went and rinsed it with water... dried it... Still linty. So, I squirted it with soap, rinsed it, and even tried to blow dry it to get the streaks off...

    Through all this, it is still sticky... I know that it would still work if I could get it clean.

    So, does anyone have any miracle methods that might work.

    I feel like a total rube... I promise usually I use more than one brain cell at once.

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    12-23-08 04:52 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    If it is one of those real "glue" type ones, then your fingerprint and lint are now part of its personality. But if it is one of those "electrostatic" or similar and only adheres without glue you may be able to polish it with a microfiber cloth (eyeglass cleaners). The one I have is of this former type and they suggest using scotchtape on the "screen side" to remove minor dust particles. But again, not gluey/sticky.

    Some of those outfits understand and will ship a replacement if you botch it.

    Good luck
    12-23-08 07:09 PM
  3. kelsnotchels's Avatar
    Thought I'd put this here, so that if anyone else needs it, they can find the answer via search. I got a reply from the seller, and this is what they said.

    How to clean reusable lcd protector with the sticky silicone adhesive:

    Don't worry, these protector are washable and reusable. The silicon gluing does not get wear out like the tape gluing. Mix up some 50/50 solution(rubbing alcohol, distilled water), peel off the protector carefully, and soak it into the solution for couple of minute, you can slightly rub the protector to clean out some stubborn dirt while soaking. After cleaning, take out the protector, and reapply once it is almost dried. It could be reused as long as the silicon gluing is ok, and the protector itself is not damaged. I hope that this can hleps you out.
    12-24-08 12:51 PM