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    so i just bought a jabra bt8010 on newegg.com and they work when i connect it, but when i disconnect it, they turn off and they don't work.
    10-11-08 06:24 PM
  2. pauldriver's Avatar
    I don't understand, so I think we need info.

    Model and OS version would help

    Connect the BT8010 how?
    Works How?
    Fails How?

    I use a BT8010 daily and its great, I paired it once and it connects to the phone whenever I turn the headset on.

    It defaults to Mono Phone Headset mode, and hitting the button on the earpiece (In the middle of the volume control) activates VAD.

    Hitting the button again hangs up.

    Hitting the mode button (second button after the power/pair switch) changes the unit from mono to stereo mode (single note to dual notes) where the button in the volume control pauses/starts/skips media files.

    It can appear the headset is not working if you leave the headset in media/stereo mode and tap the headset button in the volume wheel expecting VAD to start and the headset is trying to pause/play/skip a media file.

    Also, have you checked for firmware updates?


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    10-12-08 04:08 AM
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    im using an 8800 with os 4.5. the headset only works when i connect it to the power cord. and when i take it off, it shuts off. cant get it to turn on without the power cord.
    10-12-08 12:47 PM
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    Ahh it goes into charging mode, but won't turn on with the power switch. Have you downloaded the utilities from the website?

    It's probably a bad unit and needs to be eggchanged

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    10-13-08 03:35 PM
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    BTW, these devices will not power up while on the charger

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    10-13-08 03:36 PM