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    I've been having a strange issue with my Storm2 that I hoped an OS upgrade would solve, but alas it still happens.

    Basically what happens is that the device keeps switching between types of audio output on its own. If I'm playing a video with sound using the speakerphone sometimes it suddenly thinks I plugged wired headphones in and pops up the volume indicator. Moments later it switches back to speakerphone. This also happens with my Bluetooth headphones. They mute and the device thinks I've plugged into wired headphones or it switches to speakerphone.

    Any ideas? I thought maybe I was pushing a series of convenience keys and messing something up but I don't think so. Could there be something physically wrong with my device?

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    03-08-10 04:05 PM
  2. anon202304's Avatar
    Yes! This just started happening to me when I'm playing music via Bluetooth. I've made 0 changes to my phone and tried a battery pull. Anyone have any success fixing this?

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    03-08-10 09:21 PM
  3. schwars1's Avatar
    I thought it was a Bluetooth issue at first too and deleted my headphones and re-paired them, but no to no avail.

    The issue also happens when I'm not using headphones too so that leads me to believe it's a deeper audio issue.

    The only way I can sometimes repeat the issue is when watching a YouTube video directly through the browser / media player. While it's playing, if click the BB button to open the menu the audio pauses and sometimes continues with the speakerphone but sometimes switched to wired headphones. Tapping the screen to bring up the controls can sometimes make it happen (and permanently pause) as well.

    Hope somebody has some insight on this. I'd guess it started happening less than a week ago when I was on .428 (and had been for quite some time). Put .451 on yesterday hoping it would fix the issue but nothing has changed.
    03-08-10 09:40 PM
  4. schwars1's Avatar
    UPDATE: it seems the root of the problem is when music/audio is paused or switches to a new song. This is when the random device switch happens most often.

    Any help would still be appreciated or else I'm going to contact Verizon but I'm not sure they'll be much help.

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    03-10-10 03:46 PM
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    I'm having a similar problem when listening to nobex radio.

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    03-10-10 08:01 PM
  6. schwars1's Avatar
    Looks like others have the same problem, with no solution:

    Some suggest it's a hardware issue (which is what I suspect too).
    03-11-10 09:56 AM
  7. schwars1's Avatar
    Just called Verizon. They said "oh wow, I haven't heard of this problem before" and suggested that I take it to a store and demonstrate the problem happening for a rep. The rep can make a note in my file that "yes, this is happening" and then I call the 1-800 number back and they will overnight me a new device.

    Guy on the phone suggested getting that "yes, it's happening" note from a Verizon employee because otherwise if when I send my current device back and they find nothing wrong with it I would be charged the full retail price. Yikes.
    03-11-10 11:47 AM
  8. MrTruckincowboy's Avatar
    well there is a issue if you have vlingo installed on your device that makes the volume change when using the media player maybe thats your problem.

    from vlingo :
    Other Problems
    Why does the volume change when I am using Pandora, BlackBerry Media Player or Slacker Radio?
    We are aware of a problem where the volume changes when using Pandora, BlackBerry Media Player, or Slacker Radio while Vlingo is installed on the BlackBerry. We do not currently have a solution for this problem, but we've taken note of it and are working to address it in a future release.
    03-11-10 01:27 PM
  9. schwars1's Avatar
    I wish it was as simple as that, but I don't use vlingo.

    I'm going to try one more device wipe and see if that fixes it, otherwise I'm taking Verizon up on their offer of replacing it.
    03-11-10 01:29 PM
  10. hellstormin's Avatar
    Yeah man I just started having that same problem a couple days ago. Have u found any solutions? I went thru five storm 1 before they upgraded me to the storm 2. This sucks im tired of having to go to Verizon and prove to these people I didn't do anything . If I could just say forget it five me my back and here's this thing back I would.

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    03-22-10 03:03 AM
  11. schwars1's Avatar
    After multiple wipes and OS upgrades, the issue never went away - it merely happened less often.

    I made my case to Verizon and got a new Storm 2 in the mail 2 days later. It just so happened to me one of the upgraded "green dot" devices with the new and improved screen, so I'm not complaining. Plus, the original issue has been solved.

    I understand folks who are tired of getting replacement devices, and I realize that a well-made device shouldn't have to be replaced, but as long as Verizon is sending them out without too much hassle, I don't mind.
    03-22-10 06:31 AM
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    I went to Verizon to plead my case about the problems I was having with device switching back and forth from speakerphone to headset. Felt like I was being accused or like it was my fault for the Piece of S***. On my seventh storm 5 9530's 2 9550's...Oh well u live and learn.

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    04-10-10 04:43 AM