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    Very sorry about this post - it is to complain about the product and to warn others.

    I had a cheap HipStreet screen protector that went on poorly, developed bubbles and generally was a very bad investment of $15 so I got on this and the Playbook forum to see what others thought. Many thought the iShieldz was good so I decided to try it.

    The installation was a bit different from others as you had to spray their alcohol based solution liberally but by taking my time, I installed the screen protector quite nicely and let it dry face down over night. It ended up looking clear, bubble free and I have no doubt is (just as they say on the product box) very durable.

    The problem is that it greatly affected the touch screen peformance to the point where a previously really nice touching, swiping and bezeling experience was made to be one of non response, non function, significant pressure dragging and hard touching. Most times more than once, sometimes three times just to get a response. After quite a few attempts to contact them, the people at isheildz emailed back they had never heard of this but said to take the cover off by peeling it. So I did. Ah... back to that wonderful Playbook touching gesturing etc experience. Without a screen protector.

    The verdict is out at the moment as to whether or not isheildz will send me a replacement as part of their 'warranty'. The retailer I bought this at deferred to the manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty makes absolutely no statement about the electronic item performance just that the screen shall be gloriously clear and tough. But after experiencing such performance degradation I don't think I want this replacement if they should send it to me.

    Anyway, another $30 and change chalked up to a poor choice.

    I think I will just be extra careful not to use my PB as a coffee cup coaster and not waste more money on 'screen protectors'.

    Sorry for the long rant, hope it helps someone out there NOT make the mistakes I did.

    02-14-12 05:54 PM
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    Thank God. I didn't purchase the screen protector for the brands you mentioned .. I've Tru screen protector & I'm quite happy with it
    02-29-12 03:34 PM