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    I tried searching, but couldn't find anything, and I'd kind of like to get an answer pretty soon....

    I bought a Griffin car charger for my iPod. It's basically a piece that goes into my 12v outlet in my car and has a USB plug at the end. It also came with USB to iPod Dock cable and a USB to miniUSB cable. I'm wondering if I can plug in the cable that came with my BlackBerry Curve into this, or should I get an OEM one. I'm usually reluctant about using 3rd party powering devices, but I just got the phone and I'm going to be on the road a bit for the next few days. I don't want to make this a permanent solution, just something to get the charge up.

    What's y'all's take on this??

    BTW, I just got my first BlackBerry, the Curve, today, and I'm loving it...I think.
    05-17-08 04:34 PM