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    I have been looking around for a decent case for my 9860 but like every new phone, accessories take a while to hit the market. I had recently picked up a red ferrari pouch/sleeve for my iphone4 and realized that it fits my 9860 as well. So i went back and picked up a slimmer black one for the 9860. Just thought i'd share this with all
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    09-19-11 01:53 AM
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    Thanks for sharing that with us

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    09-19-11 05:31 AM
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    You're not worried about the repercussions from mixing with two such opposite forces of nature? Kinda like two dissimilar metals in contact will eventually cause oxidation? Or to go more old school, kinda like how Richard Pryor said he mixed whole milk & 2% milk, which is what really caused the explosion & fire when he got burned free basing cocaine?

    (I'm kidding. It's good to know there are other options available for cases.)
    09-19-11 07:49 AM