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    Hey guys, I'm kinda astounded at the moment. I bought myself an iphone bluetooth a month ago and it pairs very well with my BB Bold.

    Although, after two weeks of usage, suddenly my bluetooth sounds cracky and very noisy, as if you're tuning into a radio without proper signal.

    So I got it replaced (thank God for warranties), with a brand new one. I tested it, and it's all good. After another 2 weeks (or so), just as I restarted my Bold, suddenly when it reconnects, it started to sound exactly like the first problem, cracky and noisy.

    So again - I got it replaced. It's been a week now, and it's still fine. But the store will let me exchange to a different product should this have the same problem again.

    I didn't drop it, it didn't do any damage to it, it just damages itself somehow. I'm wondering, is it because of the incompability issues or is there something else I should know? Because I mean - what are the chances of getting 2 defect products from Apple straight away?

    Anyone got any issues with other blackberry paired to other branded bluetooth headsets? Better yet, anyone using an iphone headset and has any similiar problem with me?

    12-29-08 10:03 PM