1. Mainiak Blaniak's Avatar
    Hey all...

    I'm a blackberry newbie...just got an 8110 pearl about a month ago, and I've been lurking around these forums and gotten some great info on using the device.

    I just picked up a Nite Ize backbone 10 case for my device...it's a little bulky, but I need the protection it provides as I work at an asphalt plant and the conditions are often very dusty, and being on my belt it is somewhat susceptible to physical damage as well.

    As of now, I'm key-locking the device and using the mute key to put it in standby mode to conserve battery power as much as possible whenever I put it in the case. I was wondering if anyone has tried installing a magnet in this or another case that doesn't come with one pre-installed...I'd like to avoid having to mash any more buttons than necessary before putting it away. Does anyone know any info regarding required size/strength/location of the magnet in the cases that do include them? I'm thinking I could probably order a magnet cheaper than buying a case that includes one and hacking it out to re-install it in my case...

    Anyway, Thanks in advance for any advice...

    06-28-08 03:46 PM
  2. StoneRyno's Avatar
    Call me a noob but what does the magnet do?
    06-29-08 12:04 AM