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    I ordered one but it may not be what I want....does it cover the screen or come with a stick on protector? I saw the 360 and wanted that but it not working in a dock killed the deal.

    If it does not have a screen cover what is the $20.00 advantage over their preminum skin? Just soft and hard shell...

    I can change the order but need to do it quick...... thanks in advance guys

    Mods sorry for posting on two forums but really need to get an answer..Tom
    01-01-10 01:13 PM
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    The Innocase I have is the 2 piece snap together type. Typical semi-crappy "rubberized" plastic case that seems like it's going to break every time I take it off. It does not cover the screen or keyboard, and the charging tabs on the back are completely covered. Not that Seidio makes a charging pod for it...


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    01-01-10 02:47 PM
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    Oh, it does NOT come with a screen protector either.


    The "Premium" looks like the same piece of garbage, but with an LCD cover.
    Image pulled from Seidio's site:

    The 360 is just an Innocase (like mine in the top 2 pics) with an LCD cover.

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    Thanks I will look into it more the premium is the soft case? Or a type of innocase?

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    01-01-10 06:04 PM
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    You did not seem impressed with the case.... I think I am going with the innocase surface. I can put a screen protector on it but it does have the cut outs to work with the seidio dock. The premium covers the main key strip and I don't care for that feature. The 360 is too cool but it does not work with the dock. I say cool because it covers the key pad with one of its own....
    01-01-10 06:44 PM