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    Hey everyone,

    I just recently got my Innocase 360 for my Storm, and so far I like it, other than the bubbles that won't go away and some trouble I have clicking the screen in the corners. However, today I removed the case from the phone and the screen felt like it was so much looser than before the case! I thought that it may be possible due to the fact that the screen sits so tight against the case and screen protector, does anyone else have a problem like this?

    Also, I have my seidio ultimate screen guard underneath the 360 case, (I'd take it off, but honestly, I can't seem to, I feel like the entire screen is going to come off and I baby my storm) do you think that may be adding to the clicking issues I'm having? Or the screen feeling like its becoming looser?

    09-04-09 08:24 PM