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    heres link with more info:
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    Introducing Incipio's Rewards Program for BlackBerry Smartphone Case Purchases

    BlackBerry smartphone users around the world rejoice! Enter the Incipio Rewards Card Program. Purchase your favorite Incipio for BlackBerry smartphone case and enjoy immediate access to apps like Bejeweled, A+ Chat for Facebook and Photo Booth for free. With the purchase of any Incipio case for BlackBerry smartphones, you will instantly receive a complimentary $10 Incipio Rewards Card towards apps of your choice. Incipio has pre-selected some of the most popular apps available for BlackBerry smartphones including productivity, design and entertainment apps!


    1. Purchase any BlackBerry smartphone case by Incipio from our BlackBerry Cases Category
    2. Receive a free $10 Incipio Rewards Card toward pre-selected top BlackBerry apps in the mail with your case purchase
    3. Visit apps.incipio.com from your BlackBerry smartphone and enter the download code provided on the back of the Rewards Card
    4. Browse apps by popularity and download straight to your device to begin immediately enjoying top BlackBerry apps

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    04-11-12 01:32 PM
  2. shemaree09's Avatar
    I wish there was a way to actually see what apps are available in their app store.
    04-11-12 01:34 PM
  3. DocDRM's Avatar
    just saw this in my "Postini" quarantine - anyone take advantage yet?
    04-11-12 05:29 PM