1. alwdvm's Avatar
    I just purchased and received my Incipio Feather. I tried to plug in the USB cable to do the desktop manager, but found that it didn't fit well at all...not a solid connection, and it kept falling out.

    Since the charging cable is also a USB type cable, I'm guessing that it won't fit well either. Is this a design flaw or am I using the Feather case incorrectly? (It seems fairly straight forward, so I'm not sure how I could be using it wrong.)

    09-18-09 11:18 PM
  2. NIKSTORM's Avatar
    I have been using the feather on my storm for months and never had a problem. I am guessing that the tour build is the same , they are a very good company. Try the wall charger and report back.

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    09-18-09 11:24 PM
  3. milly177's Avatar
    I know on my Tour, my Feather just has very very minor fitting issues with the right side. My charger port fits in fine but I do have to wiggle it a bit. I think the reason mine doesn't perfectly fit is because I have the Phantom Skinz installed on the top piece of my phone. I never installed the back pieces or anything like that. If you have any of these pieces on your phone, that could be the probable cause for it not fitting as well.
    09-19-09 02:21 AM
  4. tcamshafter's Avatar
    got one on my 8900 and it works great, i dont have any zagg or best skin ever..if you dont either and its not letting you charge..send it back and get another..the case RULES
    09-22-09 06:54 PM