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    I just went ahead and ordered on of these bad boys. My mall kiosk skin is starting to get a little too loose for me. Anyone ever try one of these?

    Cases and Accessories - Black dermaSHOT Silicone Case for BlackBerry Bold 9000

    I just got black but they come in a bunch of crazy colors.

    EDIT: NEVERMIND. I wound up deleting my order. I think im going to order a Seidio Inno Case. I just need something that slides in and out of my pocket and any sort of skin really sucks in that area.
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    01-27-09 02:22 AM
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    i just ordered a silicrylic for the 8900. i hope it doesn't make it bulky. i'll post pics once i get it.
    02-02-09 02:32 PM