1. olah1's Avatar
    I was torn between the Case Mate Barely There and the Incipio Feather light case and I read a lot of reviews. There were many people who said the Incipio breaks easily but I didn't listen. THIS IS A FACT!! And it's not due to "customer error" from being rough when putting it on or off. I had mine for TWO weeks only!! I then contacted Incipio Customer Service including an attached picture of my broken case. Jenna at Incipio said I could return it for a replacement because there is a warranty but I'd have to pay for the return shipping!! There's no legitimate good company out there that won't pay for return shipping of a DEFECTIVE product, especially within only 2 weeks! She said nothing else could be done. So why would I pay even more money (about $5 since you need to ship it with tracking information) to ship a piece of junk back in order to get a replacement piece of junk and start all over? HORRIBLE CUSTOMER service, NOT the great customer service that I have read about at all! They must have changed their policies or something because I wouldn't buy another case from them if they don't stand behind their products enough to not make the customer pay for a DEFECTIVE item!
    11-02-09 02:33 PM
  2. sfobrien's Avatar
    I had one about two weeks also and it starting cracking. I had purchased thru a third party (name escapes me at the moment) and they replaced it free of charge. However it is still in its original package I moved to another style and no longer use it.
    11-02-09 02:59 PM