1. Abbycakes's Avatar
    I attend a lot of local music shows and help to do some of the talent's promoting. I started video recording the shows and found a site that allows me to stream them live. However, whether I play them back on my phone or on the site, the sound quality is very poor. (Granted it is very loud at these venues) I was wondering if anyone knew of a microphone or speaker system that allows me to plug it in to my phone and get a better sound quality or if there is an application or other mode of improving it. Thanks!
    01-26-09 10:57 AM
  2. live to drive's Avatar
    i dont know of any audio input jacks on this device. you would have to find some kind of micro usb cabled mic, and software for it that would run on a bb.
    02-14-09 08:52 PM