1. millie_g14's Avatar
    I got an iGo car charger for Christmas and have noticed it having a strange effect on my battery. For instance, today I plugged my S2 in while in the car and by the time I got home meterberry said the battery was at 100%. I went inside and just a few minutes later the battery was at 94% with a discharge rate of 33%/hr. I sent a quick 2 sentence email and then read the equally short reply and the battery went down to 92%. That was 20 minutes ago. Now, with no usage in the meantime, meterberry reads 89%.

    So in the span of ~30 minutes, with barely any usage, my battery has dropped 11 pts. What's up? This couldn't have a negative long term effect on my battery could it?
    02-15-10 12:27 PM
  2. dsmith3427's Avatar
    I have read that car chargers are "rapid chargers" and not good for cell phones or their batteries.

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    02-15-10 01:10 PM