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    OK, I admit that I'm an ***** for doing this. So if you want to call me one you'll just point out the obvious so try to restrain yourself, please.

    But it's funny when happens to somebody else so here goes:

    I bought a Plantronics 665 today. Charged it for a couple hours then made a test call to an audio engineer friend for a voice quality check. Not great but not bad. It was $30 off from $100 so I thought I'd give it a try. Anyway, I called my friend from a noisy place and he said I sounded pretty good. The noise cancellation is better than none, but not much.

    But this isn't a review of the headset...

    Expecting a couple of important calls I wedged the little thing into my ear and decided to put a small tree into a big pot that my fiancee bought yesterday. Didn't think too much about it until the tree was firmly planted with 3 cubic feet of potting soil. Took a break before moving onto the next one and saw that I missed a call. That's weird, I thought, it should have ringed in my headset...which was no longer in my head anymore.

    Apparently what happened is that in the flurry of activity known as me doing gardening, one of the branches knocked the headset out of my ear as I was planting it.

    I looked everywhere, couldn't find it on the ground or stuck in a nearby plant. Using my 8330 as a guide, the only place it could be was where I was working. What to do next?

    I spent the next 2 hours moving 3 cubic feet of soil into another pot, sifting every cubic inch of it to look for my brand freakin' new Bluetooth headset. I thought for sure that I'd find it but no, after meticulously sifting through a heap of dirt I just put the poor tree back in the pot and soaked it with water.

    For the next hour or so my phone would connect to it but then it would not. Somehow I missed it in the sifting process and wound up planting a $70 headset along with the tree.

    When my girl got home from work I showed her how nice the wee tree looked in the new pot and she loved it. Then I told her my tale of stupidity while holding a Best Buy bag full of dangling packaging and headset accessories.

    After a good laugh she did another search of the area but came up dry too. Er, muddy, actually, but no headset.

    The good news is that she offered to buy me a new one! And we both agreed that maybe this summer if we're lucky, we'll get a Bluetooth headset tree from the same pot!

    Hey don't laugh, if something sprouts, I'm going into the Bluetooth headset farming business!
    05-14-08 03:38 AM
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    I'm sorry to hear that, but you sure made it funny.

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    05-14-08 08:27 AM
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    hahaha... nice! I'm using that same headset but have never had any problems with it coming off. And I'm not even using that stupid looking ear loop!!
    05-15-08 02:29 AM
  4. ems2857's Avatar
    hahahah awww that was unfortunate but such a cute story!
    06-07-08 02:16 PM