1. Qazme's Avatar
    This has been a good month for me involving issues with my phone. A lot of things have come together really well for me. And I think it's time accessories manufacturers get bragged on for their customer service when they deserve it.

    I purchased an Incipio feather case about 4-5 months ago straight from them. Over that time the case has served me incredibly well until one day it decided to crack on the corner. I talked with a lady named Jenna at Incipio and upon seeing the picture I sent her of the case they sent a free replacement no questions asked. I was impressed! I just told her that my case had cracked and was needing to know if I should simply order another case, or if this was a warranty item, she asked for a picture of the case, and then asked me where I wanted it shipped! So simple, so easy, so fast, so friendly!! They have gained my return business when my new BB gets here for the wife that's for sure!
    11-24-09 12:58 AM
  2. onel0ve's Avatar
    i agree. incipio has great customer service; they respond quickly and help in any way possible. aside from great CS they have great products.
    11-24-09 04:15 AM