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    So first and foremost, Im a blackbery newb....but im guessing that will be understood after these questions....I tried searching the threads but couldnt find what i was looking for....two questions....I just activated an email address for my bold...I currently have my message box setting for text as combined so I can see all of my folders...Is there a way I can still have the combined texts without getting a email notification in the message box and email "box"...I want my texts combined, just dont want my email notifications through that same function....two...I dont have a method at work to download to my bold, so I just downloaded a theme, then emailed it to myself from work email to my bold email...when I try to open/download it gives me a 907 INVALID COD File not found message...Is that an issue with the size(669.6kb) or do I have another prob?! Thanks in advance

    12-22-08 09:14 AM
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    Just turn off the notifications for the e-mail box, and/or hide the icon.

    You may want to wait until you get home to properly download the theme, or look for an over the air download option.
    12-22-08 10:13 AM
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    If I understand your first question correctly, you want your texts and emails to be in separate folders. To do this go to Messages>Options>General Options>SMS and Email Inboxes and set to separate.

    As for the second question I agree with bt224, try and find an over the air download for themes. Its the easiest way to load themes.

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    12-22-08 11:03 AM