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    i know this isn't a problem, per se, but i am so sick and tired of the same ugly cases for the 8330 curve. they make the coolest cases for iphones and the bold, but not the curve 8330. for instance, this is the one i love, but of course, it's not for my model. does anybody have ANY recommendations where i can find really cool, bright colored cases for the curve 8330?

    even the one of paul frank is cool, but alas, it's for the iphone.


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    11-12-09 05:34 PM
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    ^^^thanks rachel for all of those links. you're a sweetheart.

    however, i should have been more clear and mentioned that i want a rubber case, not a hard case that you snap on with two pieces. i also have a few rhinestone cases that i purchased on ebay but they bother my ear when i use my phone. the rhinestones sit up against my ear.

    i guess i just love these thick rubber cases that you see on the iphones and the bolds, but you never see them for the curve 8330 unless they're flimsy and a dull color.

    thanks though. i appreciate it.
    11-12-09 05:43 PM
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    That last link, scroll down, there are silicon cases in a variety of colors.
    11-12-09 05:44 PM
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    ebay is ur friend.
    11-12-09 05:45 PM
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    That last link, scroll down, there are silicon cases in a variety of colors.
    i did, but i guess they're just not bold or bright enough for me. thanks for giving it the old college try.

    ebay is ur friend.
    i know. i may have to give ebay another glance. thanks.
    11-12-09 05:46 PM
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    i am really loving this design, as well. but of course, not for the curve 8330.

    11-12-09 05:49 PM