1. nah.uhh's Avatar
    hi, I'm not sure if this should be in this forum, but it is specific to the bold's otterbox.
    The problem is with the second microphone on the bottom of the phone.. If I am correct, there is 2, the small hole is used for input, and the wide one for listening for noise.
    The otterbox only has one hole, the small one of the left.
    If anybody else can give me feedback or test this out, ittd be great.

    When making a phone call regularly, switch to speakerphone. When I do without the case it switches normally.
    Whe I put the phone in the case, it squeels like when you put your mic too close to the speaker on your computer.
    I've sent back 3 bolds to rogers thinking it was a hardware problem, but I have since noticed the problem only exists whole in the otterbox.

    Ps. The blackberry OEM cases, have 2 holes in the bottom. I contacted otterbox, and they are telling me its a problem with my carrier.. Lmao
    Anyway, if you have an otterbox defender for the bold, try this out for me, thanks

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    12-15-08 12:57 PM
  2. PonchoFlow's Avatar
    If your referin to the sound like is someone was bleeping you when you touch the mic, yea I have the same problem with my otter case. I just noticed it not too long ago but it really isnt a problem as people are able to hear me clearly. Hope I was able to help
    12-15-08 02:11 PM
  3. nah.uhh's Avatar
    yea that helps alot, atleast i know im not going crazy, and otterbox just wants me to think i am.
    the case would be perfect if they didnt fumble and cover up the mic :/
    12-15-08 02:18 PM