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    My laptop's wifi is not working so sorry is some spelling is off, I have to do this on my berry. So how would I remove scratches from the casing on the bottom or the shiney part over the top of the screen? You can barly see them, but I'm ocd Also, if you use a Curve 310, does sometimes your spacebar not enter a space if you don't hit it right in the middle? Thanks. Also feel free to share some of the times your berry fell and how you delt with the damage. I need support! I know I have a problem. Last, ONLY if you have a way to get the scratches out, please feel free to pin me. Thanks again.
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    04-20-08 10:14 PM
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    You might try the Novus products.
    Novus 3 is quite abrasive for significant scratches. Novus 2 is for lesser scratches and Novus 1 is more for smudges. Sometimes you'll find these at Motorcycle shops (for helmets and visors) and acrylic plastic companies (yellow pages and internet)
    04-21-08 01:33 PM