View Poll Results: Do you use a sleeve or case for your Berry?

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  • Are you nuts!? I will protect this thing at all costs.

    15 44.12%
  • Heck no!! This thing is too pretty for that.

    19 55.88%
09-18-09 11:34 PM
31 12
  1. elvin1983's Avatar
    Bingo! Not only does a case or holster protect my tried-and-true 8330, it also keeps the trackball clean. I've owned my Curve for 6 months now and I haven't had any trackball or keyboard issues (knock on wood).

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    I've had mine over a year and I've had no trackball problems (knock on wood as well). I had one time when it jammed up, but after a little fiddling it freed itself, thank God.

    I've found that if you don't keep it one of your front two pockets, and keep it in a side pocket, like a cargo or painters pants, then you don't get nearly the lint you would if you keep it in the front pockets...

    I need to stop drinking beer...
    09-18-09 10:15 PM
  2. biznatch's Avatar
    I keep my Curve in my pocket and I've got a screen protector and case (black back clear front) from Seidio. Dropped it on a tile floor and the BB didn't get a scratch so I feel like I've already got my money's worth. If I didn't have the case I'd always be so paranoid about scratching it, especially the screen. With the case I don't worry about sticking my BB in my pocket, cup holder in my car, a pocket in my back pack, or wherever.
    09-18-09 10:20 PM
  3. armedtank's Avatar
    No sleeve or case for my Curve or Storm, that's what insurance is for.
    09-18-09 10:28 PM
  4. eve6er69's Avatar
    Mine stays naked all day.
    Weather I have my reg battery or my seidio 2600 in I always use my plastic belt clip holster thing and throw it in my pocket.

    Best 20 bucks I ever spent. Has the sleep magnet and all

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    09-18-09 11:15 PM
  5. sin1134's Avatar
    ive dropped mine too many times to admit. i just buy parts and replace and just wipe it with a cloth diaper. i like to know my stuff and do maintenance myself if able. she likes to go au natural.
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    09-18-09 11:19 PM
  6. Coruptyed's Avatar
    always have my phone in a case, if its not in the i have a plastic clip on it or the rubber skins. Im always afraid that ill drop it or if its in my pocket with nothing protecting it ill smash very accident prone with phones
    09-18-09 11:34 PM
31 12