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    Alright, so not too long ago, long story short, my BB fell and the battery popped out [the backing was broken, so both came out...i'm waiting on a replacement, should be coming in like, in a few days]. It was my fault, cause it was sittting on top of my computer [which is on the floor] and my foot yanked it by accident. Ugh! So when I put the battery back in [phone's charger was still in] it had some error screen for a second and came back on shortly after. Now, upon looking at my phone, i noticed my wallpaper went back to OEM. I took my memory card out, put it back in, shut down the phone and put it back on and it said...
    "A Media Card has been insterted that contains errors. To correct the errors please use a disk error-checking utility on a computer."

    So here's the deal, I have my phone backed up...and in my MMS, I have loads of pictures that I actually need. I have no media pictures at all in my phone...so i'm guessing they were all in my memory card? I don't remember setting it that way, but it would make sense.

    With my phone backed up, would that mean that stuff in my memory card are backed up too? [I wouldn't think so, but asking just incase lol] But my main question is, is there ANY way possible that I can get my MMS out of my memory card at all even though it's having these problems? And what 'disk error-chicking utility' can I use to get this fixed? I really need these pictures!

    Thanks ya'll...if i'm able to recover all the missing MMS' from my back-up, then i'll just format the card =]


    Ok, so i put my memory card in my Wii -.-;; to see if it works that way through the picture thing, and it doesn't. So just now, I put the M.C. back in teh Berry and opened my Media Manager [Roxiooo!]to see if it can still read my memory card or something...and I see all the pictures/music that are on the memory card..still there in the media manager. I disconnected the Berry and tried it again, and now it says that i dont have a memory card in...ugh this sucks.
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    Ok, so i took teh battery out, and put it back in and all my pictures/music are back in. I still couldn't see my MMS, so I plugged the BB to my comp and did a check disk on it. If I can't get the MMS' to come back, i'll put in a 256mb SD card and see if I can get them back with a backup.
    01-06-10 11:11 PM
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    Ok so a big wall in my way here. What happened was that I didn't exactly backup everything. I did an OS update, which backed up my stuff..and I *stupidly* thought it saved a backup file in my computer -.-;

    Is there anything I can do to get my MMS back? All my pictures and music saved in the memory card are there...but my MMS [inbox/outbox/drafts] are gone =(
    01-06-10 11:24 PM