1. Sara_cakes's Avatar
    I'm looking for a Blackberry hot pink backdoor plate (a bit like the one they sell on colourware) - and I mean this sort of pink:

    BNIB 3G BLACKBERRY BOLD 9000 CUSTOMISED PINK UNLOCKED on eBay (end time 20-Nov-09 21:24:52 GMT)

    no darker, no lighter :P

    the pink backs they sell on ebay are just not nice!
    10-25-09 06:54 AM
  2. david9962000's Avatar
    10-25-09 09:52 AM
  3. Sara_cakes's Avatar
    Nah not really that kind of pink...that's more of a magenta pink.

    I'm talking more of a slightly dark hot pink :P!

    Nice site thought I'll have a look around thanks!
    10-25-09 10:03 AM
  4. TheSultan's Avatar
    There's always Tebetech
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    10-25-09 10:04 AM