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    Having tried and used a myriad of cases for my 8310 Curve lately...I am still longing for a really high quality horizontal/lateral-mount, leather belt-clip case/pouch for it. But, I can't find one that is built especially for the Curve with the "sleeper" magnet and a protective groove for the trackball like the OEM cases have.

    I am pretty picky, and want one with a magnetic closure too...not a velcro one. And, it needs to be very high quality to get my vote.

    Can anybody suggest one...and share website links or pics?

    Thanks very much!!!
    01-01-08 07:15 PM
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    01-01-08 07:48 PM
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    Thanks, kasperapd...but it looks virtually identical to one from another manufacturer (can't say the name), and I used with my previous 8300. The magnetic button closure is bare and uncovered...and tends to leave scratches on the phone body as the phone scrapes across it when taking it out of the case.

    Can anybody verify that I'm right or wrong in this? Anybody used this case personally...??

    I told you, I'm picky...
    01-01-08 08:32 PM
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    Hey David,

    I just got my 8320 and have been looking for the same kind of case (with the same functionality). The metal magnet also looked like it could cause an issue. Thank you for posting this msg. I will be watching this thread.
    01-01-08 11:17 PM
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    Did you guys find a solution, I am looking at purchasing the above mentioned case. My main concern is with the trackball as well.

    04-23-08 08:44 AM
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    I ended up going with this, and am very happy.

    Products Holster w/ Belt Clip for BlackBerry 8300 Series - ShopCrackBerry

    It did cause the soft plastic on the top, where the clip is, to scrap off..but I don't mind.

    I haven't posted enough, so I can't put in the url..
    04-23-08 04:32 PM
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    hey g20-budo, which case did you decide to go with? can you describe it? what category its under, perhaps the price also please. thanks
    04-25-08 09:26 PM
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    I went with this one...Works like a charm.

    BlackBerry - Vertical Case for BlackBerry 8300 Smartphones - Black - 82812BB
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    04-26-08 12:04 AM
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    ok.. I'm finally up to 10 posts..so I can post a url.

    I went with this holster..and I'm very happy with it!

    Mobi Products Holster w/ Belt Clip for BlackBerry 8300 Series - ShopCrackBerry

    The only down side is it scraped some of the soft plastic cover stuff off between where it says wifi and the other button on the top of the case. But I really use my 8320 alot..and I know I'll be replacing the case in a year or so.. It's very nice to be able to just pop the phone out of the case when ever I want it.
    04-26-08 03:15 PM
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    I went with this one...it is a little bigger than the curve, prolly better suited for the full size BB, but it works awesome and I never have any problems with my BB not going to sleep.
    _http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8222327&st=htc&lp=11&type=produc t&cp=1&id=1166840037625
    04-26-08 09:19 PM
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    i really like the design of the case, but the part where it rubs off the top rubber makes me not want it.
    does anyone know if the Seidio Rubberized Holster for the 83xx will rub off the top?
    04-27-08 03:29 AM
  12. thedirtykoobaru's Avatar
    well, nevermind about my last comment. i read the review on it and i am now informed. thanks.
    04-27-08 02:07 PM
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    Did you guys find a solution, I am looking at purchasing the above mentioned case. My main concern is with the trackball as well.

    Well I pulled the trigger and ordered the case. The case is well constructed, light and noticably thicker than the pouch that came with the 8320, but because it is on my waist and not my pocket, it's not a big deal at all. The light weight BB and case, I hardly notice that it is on my waist. The flap easily opens and closes when I reach for it and not on it's own. To take the phone out takes a little getting used, but not a pain. My main concern when purchasing this was the abuse of the trackball. Since there isn't a cut out like on the BB oem pouch, it does rub the trackball. When it does, it activates the screen. My phone is locked at all times so I don't fear accidental calls, and the phone turns off immediatly because of the magnetic strip inside the case. My concern is will the trackball suffer any damage/wear and tear due to this case. One of those, time will tell situations and the odds are favorable that it won't have much damage. I have a feeling the case will give a little with more use before the trackball is affected.

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    04-29-08 01:02 PM
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    I am glad I found this post because it is exactly my concern. Can you give us an update on how the case and trackball have fared? You should have 4 more months experience with it.
    08-28-08 09:48 AM
  15. inkwell's Avatar
    And I've used it ever since. Well constructed and is still holding up. The trackball is not affected at all.
    08-28-08 07:32 PM