1. my1stbberry's Avatar
    Just got the gen-u-wine verizon/blacberry silicone skin which i really like...got it because my battery cover won't stay on, and verizon is unwilling to help me out with that. anyhow, i really like to carry my storm in a holster, but with the skin on it will not fit in the holster that i have (verizon one). is there a belt clip holster out there that will work with the skin on the phone?
    01-09-09 08:59 AM
  2. hkay1's Avatar
    I would give Verizon more grief about that. You shouldn't have to worry about the battery cover. The invisible shield and BestSkinsEver work with the holsters as they are very thin
    01-09-09 02:38 PM
  3. Valmanway's Avatar
    i actually have the full ghost armor and it still fits perfectly in the seidio holster case (if anything, it's better because it's more snug). my co-worker gave me one of those rubber skins for free after she returned her storm. I like it, but obviously it wont work with the holster. i just keep the rubber sleeve at work and put my storm in it after it leaves the holster.
    01-09-09 02:47 PM
  4. whyme4000's Avatar
    you would have to use a different cover but the Seidio innocase is fantastic, and works with their holster.

    Heres the link:

    Seidioonline - Your Leading Manufacturer of Smartphone Accessories
    01-09-09 04:05 PM