1. indychuck's Avatar
    I'm looking for a holster that will work well with the case-mate smart skin. The sideo looks like it might work, but not really sure just from looking at the pics. Anybody have one that is working?
    06-03-09 12:44 PM
  2. indychuck's Avatar
    I went to the VZW store last night...they had many holsters, but none that would work correctly with the smart skin. I also sent an email to Case-Mate and they do not make nor would they suggest a holster for the smart skin.

    So I ask again, has anyone found a holster that will work with the CaseMate Smart Skin?
    06-04-09 11:03 AM
  3. Matt9700's Avatar
    Come on guys, someone must have an answer. I'm in need of the same thing. i love having the holster b/c of it being right there at my side, as well as the magnet saving battery life, but every time i pull it out I'm afraid of dropping the phone. i like how the case mate smart skin for the 9700 has a keyboard cover too. anyway, if anyone know of a good holster, please post.

    also, i have read that the sideo is tight with a skin
    02-07-10 11:05 AM