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    Well the situation is i dropped my blackberry and now i have to play around when inserting the charger what are my options is there a possible fix it myself? do i need to purchase equipment and what is the cheapest solution to my problem any help is greatly appreciated

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    08-08-09 01:20 AM
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    I just replied to a post on here regarding the same issue.

    What you can do is take your berry to your carrier (if its under a year) and get a new berry. That's your cheapest way, cause if its covered you won't pay a penny.

    If its been more than a year, and your pretty handy, you can replace the USB port your self.

    Have you tried connecting your berry to your PC? And if so, do you have a problem connecting it to your PC too? I ask this could it could possibly be the charger itself.

    Look into the USB port on your berry, can you see any of the pins bent or missing? If so, then its the USB port for sure.

    Hope this help, good luck.

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    08-08-09 05:05 AM
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    I've seen some USB ports on ebay going for under ten bucks. All you need to do is take your berry apart down to the main board. And solder the new USB port in place. If you don't feel comfortable trying this, there are also some websites that offer this service. Do a google search and you'll come up with quite a few. Only thing is that you will have to mail in your berry and not have it for a couple of days.

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    08-08-09 05:09 AM
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    08-08-09 05:22 AM