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    Hi all please help me...

    It used to be all fine and now I have a strange problem that the headphones (two supplied by RIM or any standard ones) will be recognized and play only sometimes - I would say at random times...

    But maybe there is a way to plug them in correctly and start the default media software?

    Hmm but since it was fine before - maybe I damaged some part of the headphone jack by trying to insert regular headphones, as they would not fit for some reason?

    This is all on my 8900

    And the bb 9630 tour - I can't headphones to work at all

    Please help me with this as I love to use my 8900 as an mp3/media player once in a while...

    Thank you...


    I did a hardware test with
    Options>Status> type "test" (without the quotes)
    and it could not detect my headphones

    I think the jack is shot

    just so so so sad

    I will get the bluetooth headphones I guess - but I will not be able to use my $200 noise isolating headphones
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