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    hi i purchased the ap650 from ebay (new boxed sealed) Energizer Keyring Portable Micro USB Charger for Phones ...
    And when i plug it on my blackberry 9900, it doesnt charge. It charges for 10 seconds and then, nothing...
    anyone tried this charger?

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    09-14-12 04:29 AM
  2. fabio984's Avatar
    The seller sent me a second charger ( the same, BOXED UNOPENED ) and didnt worked too. Anyone tried this?
    10-17-12 05:20 AM
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    check how many volts your device needs to charge. your portable charger may be to great or to little. compare the your portable charger to your wall charger

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    10-18-12 07:55 PM
  4. fabio984's Avatar
    I received yesterday a message from energizer support. They asked me volts and A of the charger. The 9900 is not compatible.
    10-19-12 03:06 AM