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    Hi everyone. I need some help picking out a holster for my BB Curve 8330.

    I work for a shipping company, and it is your typical warehouse environment. I'm always scrambling up and down ladders, jumping in and out of trailers, etc - so I need something that is going to protect my phone from dings and scratches, but also stay on my belt securely, but stay in the holster as well.

    The holster at the shop here titled BlackBerry Leather Holster with Swivel Belt Clip for Curve 8330 (sorry, I can't post url's yet) would be good, but apparently the clip breaks off easily.

    My ideal case would be one that holds on to my belt with a really strong grip, completely covers the phone, and holds the phone in the holster really securely as well - with strong velcro or a button, like on the radio pouch I wear at work. It would be an added bonus if the holster would also allow the phone to have a form-fit case on it for drops and stuff when it is out of the holster.

    I would appreciate any help or suggestions you all could offer. Thanks!
    08-15-08 11:20 AM
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    sounds like you need an otterboxhttp://shop.crackberry.com/otterbox-defender-series/4A104A3191.htm
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    08-15-08 11:30 AM
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    08-15-08 12:06 PM
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    I can vouch for the otterbox. I dont work in an industrial environment, but i do ride a motorcycle and it has never fallen off. the only time it has come out of the holster is once getting out of my car when it got hung up on the seatbelt.
    Ive also dropped it on concrete (accidently!) from ear height while talking on it and it just bounced. call was still connected when i picked it back up
    08-15-08 01:49 PM