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    Hey guys, I have a storm that I use as a music player. But on saturday the left chanel went out. At first I thougt it was my headphones so I switched to another set same problem, then a third set same problem. The sound returns but only if you hold the connector in a certain spot, I'm thinking it the jack on the phone worn doen a bit anybody know a fix for this?
    04-21-09 04:07 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Only way is to replace the device. Sounds like the plug got bent.
    04-21-09 04:45 PM
  3. lakkers91's Avatar
    Boo... I was hoping for a different answer but, oh well. Thanks for the help. I guess I'll head over to verizon tomorrow.
    04-21-09 07:24 PM
  4. jdwx's Avatar
    Not an 8900 owner, but it's probably not the device. It's the headphones. You need the appropriate adapter for the headphones. WHICH Verizon may have. Radio Shack will not have one that will work. Is the 8900 a 3.5mm jack? or 2.5? The latter, Verizin should have or get a Sedio.

    Reason being for all this... Is that the plug on the headphone, is what they call a TRS or Tip-Ring-Sleeve. This gives three conductors that allow for left/right audio and a ground.

    The jack in the BB (at least my 8830), also requires a mic connection, so THAT jack, is a TRRS Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve to give the extra 4th conductor for the mic. This moves the position of the conductors around a small bit on the plug.

    Plugging the TRS plug into a TRRS jack, results in a misaligment of the conductors on the plug with the conductors in the phone jack. THIS results in audio from one channel only and also due to the misalignment, it can activate the voice dial function "if" the jack moves a little bit just the right way for a second. Sorta like what happens when you push the button on the OEM buds to activate the VD.

    A typical stereo 3.5-2.5 adapter does NOT account for the different position of the mic conductor, hence why certain adapters work (appropriately designed ones FOR phones w/a mic), and others (deisgned JUST for headphones w/NO mic) that do not work right.
    04-23-09 10:21 AM
  5. 8830weuser's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll be visiting the VZW store today!!
    05-01-09 11:19 AM