1. Cubsrule17's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    So I have a pair of Dr. Dre Headphones, and I'm trying to be able to wear them, while listening to my Ipod, and have my Blackberry 8320 Connected, so I don't have to take them off if a phone call where to come in. So I'm looking for a 3.5mm (Male), that connects to my headphones, then goes down and has an answer, and volume control, that then goes to dual 3.5mm jacks. One must have 3 black rings for the blackberry and voice for it, the other only needs to have 2 rings just for the ipod.

    Anyone have any ideas where I can get one, or have any ideas how I can get it to work?

    02-01-10 01:47 PM
  2. lieman's Avatar
    I've only ever seen the basic headphone splitters, without the 3 rings necessary for voice control, and they're pretty cheap, but I don't know if an accessory like the one you're describing exists.
    02-01-10 02:13 PM