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    I found the greatest BlackBerry gadget ever! (Besides my Bluetooth GPS receiver, of course)

    I just got the chance to check out one of those solar chargers for the BlackBerry. All in all: it is very easy to use and it just works!

    With just 76 gram it is a very lightweight device and fits into every pocket. I think it is very useful when you are outdoors and don’t have the chance to charge your BlackBerry (or Bluetooth GPS receiver with which it is compatible as well). For example, when you go hiking or doing any outdoor activity that requires your BlackBerry to work. One more cool thing is the fact that this Solar Charger comes with an internal battery which is constantly charged even if there is no device connected to it. This means, you got an internal extra “buffer battery” which enables you to use the Solar Charger even in the dark without any daylight. Moreover, daylight is not necessarily required for the Solar Charger. You can even use it inside in your office with the normal office light and the Solar Charger charges itself and a connected device using the office light. WICKED! For demonstration photos please see below.

    The Solar Charger supports a variety of mobile phones and other electronic devices, but it also supports all BlackBerry models with a mini-USB port.

    Supported BlackBerry devices: 71xx Series, 713x Series, 72xx Series, 75xx Series, 77xx Series, 81xx / Pearl Series, 83xx / Curve Series, 87xx Series, 88xx Series, 90xx / Bold Series.

    My BlackBerry Curve 8320 works really well with this neat gadget. Here are some photos from the device in action:

    Left to right: Solar Charger, included mini-USB adapter, BlackBerry Curve 8320.

    Charging in progress…

    You see the charging symbol? It really works!

    You can get the Solar Charger for BlackBerry for just $29.95 at 100milligrams.

    This is an excerpt of the full review by BlackBerryInsight; content used with permission.
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