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    Hey guys,

    Just thought i should spread around the goodness if you have not already known.I was just surfing on newegg for my Bold

    and i just realized that there is a free shipping for the Bold cradle with UPS ground 1-day shipping. I had hard-time deciding

    whether or not to get it last night on Amazon since there is minimum of $25 in order to be eligible for the free-shipping. I think

    for all those who are still deciding whether or not to get it, it's time to act soon since the deal ends on the 24th.

    Free shipping with promo code “EMCBBBJAC”, ends 11/24

    BlackBerry 30758LRP Desktop Charging Pod For Bold 9000 - Retail

    Sorry about not being able to post the link since i have not reached my 10 posts yet. But just go on newegg.com and search

    for blackberry bold and you will find it. Good luck all!

    Just placed my order on the cradle myself and though it's a great deal for online-shopping. There is a Limited Non-Refundable 30-Day Return Policy which means you would only get replacement for the item within 30 days but no money back. In my case, i don't think i will return it since it's a great add-up for my upcoming Bold for as long as i am using it.
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