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    I got the Innocase II from eBay and LOVE it. Too bad I left the house today and dropped it right away! I dropped my phone once while doing a battery pull and the cement scarred it. Now I go and do this right away and there are some little marks from the cement again but this time on the Innocase II!! Sad!

    I need a screen protector FOR SURE. What is your best suggestion for a compatible one?

    What do you use to keep your BB clean? I have noticed "gunk" accumulating around the edges of the Innocase II. Advice?

    Also, is there a solution for the chipping chrome from the bezel? It started chipping a couple months ago and is noticeable on the edges even with the Innocase covering it. I have heard of issues with this case rubbing the chrome off even worse but I don't want to get rid of the chrome completely or replace the bezel if at all possible.

    I also had the cracked key issue (straight line right below the trackball) after the first few days of owning the phone. Mind you, this was during the time when people were having huge issues with phone delays and messed up phones (certain production dates), so I avoided calling in about it. I like my phones to be in perfect condition, so this kind of bothers me.


    ( I may post a new thread with this info)
    07-08-09 10:13 PM
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    I would suggest using the clarivue screen protector. I love mine. I don't even know it's there. I know clintro uses clarvue and love it as well. I just use a microfiber cloth to clean mine everyday.

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    07-08-09 10:47 PM
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    the innocase is great and protects u cant do nothing bout the scuffs it will get but u can just clean ur phone with compressed air can i had that crack as well and replaced the keypad its not hard just voids warranty ..as far as the chrome goes eventually it will rub off and not right away it will take awhile just take care of the phone as much as you can there not cheap... hopefuly my response helps you
    07-08-09 10:51 PM
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    Thanks for the advice guys! I ordered it the day they were released and for the first time with a phone (Sidekick II, III, BB Pearl, etc) I haven't had any hardware issues. I just want to keep it pretty!

    I guess I need to get a microfiber cloth and another can of compressed air

    I still need to upgrade to my 2GB Memory Card and that should be fun.. lol.
    07-08-09 11:01 PM