1. Schufly's Avatar
    So I got my new case in the mail today. Ordered it last Friday night, from Amazon through a vendor named Orion Gadget. I paid for priority shipping. I'm please with the delivery time. I like the case. It went on well, fits great. The case fits in the holster clip well. I can see how it may be easy to accidentally eject it from the case, but I will reserve judgement for now until I carry it at work for a few days. Playing with the phone now I can't see the trackpad or upper keys being too badly obstructed, but once again, time will tell. My one problem is the color. I ordered black. Before I leave feedback, anybody have any thoughts? Send it back? Keep it? I think I can live with the grey. Better that pink I guess.
    09-14-11 04:30 PM
  2. webmeister's Avatar
    I think it looks great! I've been on the fence about that case for a while and just took the plunge and bought one off eBay. Same seller, btw.
    09-14-11 08:14 PM
  3. thelighthouse2's Avatar
    I got mine from Amazon too - mine is pink and white on a white phone - I love it. I had the same case on my 9800 - it held up good and still is good but it was dirty looking from the dye of my purse so got a new one and will use the hoster. So far no complaints and highly recommend this case!
    09-15-11 08:09 AM