1. nowthengoodbad's Avatar
    (if you dont feel like reading the whole thing, just read the bold : )

    Hey guys, I have a 9000 and I really really like it. The speaker went and so i traded it in for a replacement and guess what.

    Not a month after getting it replaced I noticed it doing this thing that was cute at first, like you're girlfriend calling you a pet name, then really started annoying me after it kept on doing it. I take my phone out of its holster and it freezes on whatever screen it was on, put it back in, take it out again and it's fine... sometimes... I have been searching for any similar issue people might have been experiencing and no luck. (maybe I didnt search too hard...)

    Anyone else having this issue?
    Any solutions?
    Crackberry GO!
    11-16-09 03:41 PM
  2. JordanJr's Avatar
    1. Make sure you dont have applications running in the background as that slows down/ freezes your BlackBerry.

    2. Do a battery pull to clear out everythign and see if the problem still occurs

    If step 1 and 2 do not work then try,

    3. back up wanted data, wipe your device, reload OS

    If nothing that I suggested works then call the Blackberry warranty department and they will replace the device for you. You should have a one year warranty.. good luck
    11-17-09 11:17 AM