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    I found a case that works for the Storm 2 with the Seidio 2600 extended battery/cover...

    It's the leather case with a snap-on clip on the back. It's not sexy at all, but it DOES protect the Storm. If you decide to get one, flex the back of the case across the top and bottom a few times before putting it on. The back has some sort of cardboard-feeling stiffening that is able to bend around the shape of the extended battery door.

    When on, it looks "normal" from the outside. Works great. The rather clunky clip has at least one bonus - it provides a shelf over your finger where the Storm can rest while you text or type. And, it can be removed.

    It's called the Smartphone Experts Open Face Case for BlackBerry Storm2 9550 and is $24.95 from CB Store.

    Here's the link:

    03-30-10 01:28 PM
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    Check out these cases for extended battery:
    04-22-10 09:15 PM