1. how.now.brown.cow's Avatar
    So, I'm rather new. Just purchased my first ever bluetooth headset and love it. My question is this: I use my BB to listen to music in my truck by simply using one of those car cassette things to transfer the music to the vehicles speakers. I was wondering if there was an accessory or a setup that would enable me to use a FM transmitter rather than the cassette cable (have to unhook my XM radio every time) and still be able to use the bluetooth without calls being transmitted to the vehicle speakers. Currently the bluetooth is working great with the cassette cable but I have no experience with FM transmitters and wanted to get some input before I made a purchase that would make me unhappy.
    08-26-09 03:13 PM
  2. hubermania's Avatar
    I use a Belkin TuneCast II, which plugs into the BB's headphone jack same as your cassette adapter. It'll run on batteries, but I always use the included cigarette lighter adapter.

    The TC2 isn't very powerful (I can't speak for the TC3). It's crippled by the stubby headphone cord that doubles as an antenna. I use a 6' headphone extension between my BB and the TC2. I also crank up the volume on my BB to about 80% to increase the signal strength. Lastly I used the Belkin website to find the best FM channels in my area.

    Belkin : my best FM stations
    Belkin : TuneCast II FM Transmitter
    08-26-09 03:49 PM