1. rae's Avatar
    So I found a few on ebay (like pink waves one) but before I buy I wanted to know if anyone here knew where there is a buncha cool ones.

    I'm finding the same ones on ebay but I'd rather find something different.

    Thanks in advance!

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    04-16-08 09:13 AM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    what kind of cases? like hard shells to protect, or a case that clips on your hip?
    04-16-08 09:14 AM
  3. uncheels23's Avatar
    there are some cool ones at BlackBerry
    04-16-08 09:20 AM
  4. rae's Avatar
    Hard shells and the like.
    04-16-08 09:28 AM
  5. uncheels23's Avatar
    if you want a hard shell look at the seido case you can find it in the store here
    04-16-08 09:30 AM
  6. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Cell Phone Accessories - DayDeal.com

    they have some really nice designs on there, i just ordered mine 2 days ago!@
    04-16-08 09:33 AM
  7. chynnamann's Avatar
    Wasn't there a recent blog about cases with say a flame design and it even comes with a matching flame wallpaper? That looked really different!
    04-16-08 09:55 AM
  8. mzshey2x's Avatar
    I've heard good things about the Seidio hard case. I need to find a good rubberized one.
    04-16-08 09:58 AM
  9. rae's Avatar
    Awesome. Thanks!

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    04-16-08 12:32 PM