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    I put my BSE skin on last night following the directions on their website but I'm not to pleased with the outcome. It went on smoothly (or so I thought) using the soapy water method. I was able to move it into place and smooth out air bubbles but as it tried it appeared to have ripples. I smoothed it out as I was applying but just with my fingers and with slight pressure. Now the next day it really makes the screen look cruddy when off and when the display is on it is not completely clear. I hate to think I wasted a skin already (maybe that is why they give you two) but I can't see keeping it like it is with the screen not clear. I guess I choke it up and try the other or go without protection (its a work BB). Is there a preferred method to take the skin off or do I just peel it off?

    To top it off my Seidio hybrid case won't stay closed in the lower right corner but I have an email into them hoping for some help/replacement.

    Just needed to rant some I guess
    10-14-08 10:36 AM
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    peel if off and wach the screen with rubbing alcohol. i have a BSE and it looks clear and has no bubbles. i applied mine in a steamy bathroom. BSE seems great when it comes to customer care and you may want to ask for a replacement skin. i se my BSE with a silicon cover. this seems to keep the edges from peeling up at all!


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    10-14-08 11:20 AM
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    Thanks I peeled it off...got sick of seeing how bad it looked. Only left a couple little spots that rubbed off with a polishing cloth. I'll think about trying the second skin I have...I'm sure it was just me not doing it right.
    10-14-08 12:08 PM
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    Thought I would update here to since I'm on a roll. I applied the second BSE skin the other night and this time didn't remove as much water from the sheet...I think that was problem last time. I also used a business card to continually smooth out the bubbles and did not fold down the edge flaps until I was sure all the bubbles where out the screen area of the protector had dried. It came MUCH better and is clear. Only issue while waiting for my replacement case was that the edges of the protector pick up little strings and fuzzies from my pocket :P

    Seidio sent me a replacement hybrid case that I got today and it fits together pretty well, this weekend will be a test. Their customer support was great, and the replacement was handled quickly with no real effort on my part.
    10-17-08 03:27 PM
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    way to go, stud!

    nice to see you got it set up right! i heard others say that the edges were catching fuzz and lint. i use a silicone case to avoid that.

    your case should protect well!
    10-17-08 03:30 PM
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    I'm happy with the case and BSE protector, definitely recommend! Just take the time to put the skin on (the first time). While I love the phone lose in the case I'm finding that for my work day a holster would be nice so Seidio got some more of my business and I should have the holster thingy that fits their Inno cases hopefully by the end of the week.
    10-21-08 11:17 AM