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    All my smartphones, except the Torch 9800, have had Seidio extended batteries. There wasn't one when I had my 9800. I just bought the one for my 9810. And I'm noticing an oddity.

    None of the phones previous to getting the 9800 were BBs. So, not much rebooting and no battery pulls. Both the 9800 and the 9810 seem to require it at least every other day. What I'm noticing on my 9810 is that each time I reboot or do a battery pull with the extended battery, my readings indicate I'm regaining 3-8% battery. Is that something normal with extended BB batteries? Or maybe just a glitch because the battery isn't fully broken in, yet? Or is it a sign there may be something wrong?
    07-20-12 11:45 PM
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    OK. Update. Still no answer to my question. I've tried several reboots and battery pulls. Until I get down somewhere around 25%, there is a consistent increase in reported available battery of 3-8%, sometimes more. So far that's the only bad.

    My phone with extended battery finished the proper charging at 9am 7/21. I had two days where everything from BBM to email to FB notifications to multiple daily long phone calls seemed to become the norm. Despite that, the extended battery didn't go back on the charger till 39 hours later, with 9% left. Impressive.

    The battery I'm talking about is the Seidio 2800mAH extended battery for the 9800/9810.
    07-22-12 12:57 AM
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    Update #2 --

    The Seidio 2800 mAH battery for the 9800/9810 is awesome! I've now had it for several weeks. The first recommendation? Follow the instructions. Here's my experience:

    1) The instructions say that the battery will settle in/break in after 5-6 charges. I noticed a difference after the initial two charges.

    2) The instructions say to continue charging the battery for 4-5 hours after it shows as being "full". Don't ignore that. It will make a difference.

    3) Have a spare OEM battery and charger. That's not in the instructions. But you otherwise end up without a phone to use or only usable tied to the charging cord for a very long time.

    4) At least partly ignore the reported battery reserve. I'll explain that in a bit.

    I had a cradle with spare battery slot and a spare battery because of the bad battery life. I need my phone ready to use. So, I already had two OEM batteries, when I decided to try the extended battery.

    On my second proper charge, the Seidio battery got to 8% battery left after 48 hours. That's when I put the battery into the battery slot of my cradle. One of the charged OEM batteries went into the phone for the day, the other was in my pocket as a spare. That allowed me to wait till the following morning to put the extended battery back in the phone.

    Battery reserve reporting for the extended battery is not always as accurate as you'd like. One or two reboots a day fix that. They add anywhere from 3%-20% increase in battery level. Somewhere below a real 30%, it becomes fully accurate, not changing reading with a reboot. I can live with that to get over 48 hours use without plugging in or swapping batteries.

    The physical result of using the extended battery is a rectangular wart on the back of the phone and additional weight.

    The battery reporting and the changes in shape and weight are things you'll have to decide whether they're acceptable trade-offs to gain the huge increase in battery life.
    07-30-12 10:01 AM
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    thanks for the review, this is what i like about cb that people actually come back and give a review just dont disappear.

    this really helped me in making my decision if i have to go for an extended battery or not.
    07-30-12 10:18 AM
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    thanks for the review, this is what i like about cb that people actually come back and give a review just dont disappear.

    this really helped me in making my decision if i have to go for an extended battery or not.
    I've had an extended battery on just about every smartphone I've owned. And have benefited from it every time. But not everyone has the same needs. Not everyone will find the additional bulge and weight to be offset by the length of use without swapping batteries. I research anything I want to add to my phone, then decide which features I need and which are negatives for me. So, I like to return the favor by being as informative and unbiased as I can. It let's you and others decide for yourselves whether it's yea or nay. Glad I could help.
    07-30-12 11:28 AM