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    Is there a case out there that will fit the Tour 9630 with the extended battery besides the Seidio Innocase surface extended battery case?

    I should be getting my 2600 mah battery through the mail, and I wanted a durable case that will fit my phone. I work outdoors, so I will need something that can take a beating.

    I have the Seidio Innocase with the spring holster, but one of the tabs on top broke off already. Is there something better out there?
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    03-02-10 12:00 PM
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    Due to the overwhelming response my post received, I decided to purchase the Seidio extended case. It seems like there is no other option for this type of battery.
    03-03-10 02:12 PM
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    Sorry I didn't see it until today. Seidio is the only one I can think of with the extended battery case. I have their battery for my device but I don't like their cases so I don't have one. I'm know I'm really risking it. Maybe some of the skins will fit your phone?
    03-03-10 02:54 PM
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    Unfortunately my job(roofing) is unforgiving to a phone that is left in a skin case. I had an Otterboz for my Pearl back in the days, but their extended battery did not stick out like the one on the Tour. I hope Otterbox comes out with a case for the extended battery.

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    03-03-10 03:06 PM