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    Just wanted everyone to know that when I first got my Blackberry in February, I got a Plantronics Discovery 665 bluetooth headset for about $100 bucks from Best Buy. Didn't know about crackberry.com then, or I would have ordered from Kevin and the gang, but anyway... recently I though I was having trouble charging it, and noticed that the purple light was not remaining on as it charged. This led me to believe that there as perhaps a problem with the charging holder, and so I contacted tech support to ask.

    Well, they informed me that my unit was likely still charging (due to a red light being visible), but that the problem would allow me to exchange it should I desire. He directed me to their web site to arrange for the exchange.

    As I though it wasn't charging, to be safe I went ahead and went to the site, a bit concerned that I would have trouble figuring out how to arrange for the exchange.

    Well, I'm happy to report that I was able to easily find and fillout my exchange request within about 4 minutes. Amazingly, 2 days later they had shipped a replacement unit at no charge, and without my having to send in the old unit till I receieved it. =)

    I could not be more pleased, and have to say that I will definately buy Plantronics again! Great job Plantronics!

    05-14-08 12:33 PM