1. jaydee547's Avatar
    Does the usb cable that CAME WITH THE PHONE FROM BLACKBERRY charge the phone when it's connected to your computer?

    Mine doesn't seem to charge???
    06-15-08 05:10 PM
  2. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    It does but the pc must be on. Also u should check all of your messages before you put it to charge overnight because if the led is going off red for some reason it doesnt charge.
    06-15-08 05:13 PM
  3. jaydee547's Avatar
    that's really odd about the led causing it not to charge. thank you
    06-15-08 05:20 PM
  4. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    Its not the LED light so to speak for some reason if I turn my phone off when a message is comin through the device wont charge by the morning and Im talking 10 to 12 hours.
    06-15-08 05:42 PM
  5. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    Sometimes mine charges; other times it doesnt. I've run into the same issue with some AC charges also. I stopped using all my Motorola mini USB chargers- all of them are BB and still, same thing at times.
    06-15-08 06:14 PM
  6. rasp's Avatar
    I've not had any trouble charging with the usb cable, I just make sure I've got the desktop manager installed. Though the driver is all you really need.
    06-15-08 06:32 PM
  7. ADberry's Avatar
    Had no problems but I dont use USB charging that much so haven't experienced different scenarios like the LED thing. I have desktop manager installed, it detects the phone and begins charging...
    06-15-08 06:38 PM
  8. shadygrady's Avatar
    mine does not work with any regularity.
    06-15-08 06:57 PM
  9. USCBerry's Avatar
    Because it's just a trickle charge, it doesn't charge as quickly as it would if you were using a wall/car charger. It should show you as being plugged in though.
    06-15-08 07:02 PM
  10. jeffh's Avatar
    Here are a couple of recent threads that may help explain the inconsistent results some of you are experiencing:

    Some computer USB ports lack sufficient charging current to charge your phone reliably, even though the USB power and pinouts are standard. Some ports just don't deliver the standard amount of power.
    06-15-08 08:14 PM
  11. jaydee547's Avatar
    ******** blackberry tells you it's charging as long as something is plugged into the usb port on the phone...doesn't matter if the wall charger is connected to the wall or the usb is plugged into the phone.

    but got it to work with usb cable, just took ol good restart
    06-16-08 02:11 AM
  12. avt123's Avatar
    I don't think you need DM to use the USB cable to charge your phone. Right now I'm on my Mac, and I don't have PocketMac installed. My Mac (and PC does the same thing) detects the device and just starts to automatically charge it. I'm almost positive you do not need to have DM running to charge your phone with the USB.
    06-16-08 02:42 AM
  13. jeffh's Avatar
    Jaydee547: that's not normal behavior. If I plug in a charger that won't work (my freedom chain 2000 charger, for example) the charge icon will come on for 5 seconds, then go off. It won't show charging when it's not.

    Avt123: correct, you do not need to be running DM in order to charge your bb. I don't.

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    06-16-08 05:14 AM
  14. bduschel's Avatar
    My home laptop seems to charge when it so desires. At work, no issues at all. Oddly? MY DM at home tends to cop an attitude on occasion.
    06-16-08 07:29 AM